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The LHPF Board of Directors has worked hard to represent the diversity of the Leather community. Board members hail from across the US, with current board members from Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia and North Carolina. They represent men and women of multiple ethnicities, gender identifications, sexual orientations and Leather lifestyle roles.

Sir David Labriola

Board Chair


Sir David is a Leatherman of the Old Guard tradition. Winner of the 2000 Pennsylvania Mr. Drummer and the 2000 Mid Atlantic Drummer contests, and he is a founding member of The Guardsman. Sir David has been an educator and judge for many events across the US, and has the privilege and honor of being the head Judge at SELF.

Baroness DSilver



Baroness DSilver has been living in the lifestyle since 1992. She is a 24/7 lifestyle Dominant, and is a founder of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of Onyx Pearls and the 757 Spectrum POC munch. She has a variety of classes she can teach, and has been involved with several events over the years.

Ms Tori Jones

Executive Director


Tori has been a presenter and advocate for several years. She is a past president and treasurer of Tarheel Leather Club, and has been a Den Momma and a judge for several contests.


And Ms Tori has completed her title year as Southeast Bootblack, 2016!

Daddy BEAR from Tennessee



Daddy BEAR has been active in the Leather community on the West Coast and across the US since 1982. He won titles in Sacramento, CA in 1989 and 1993, and used those to springboard his ongoing passion for advocacy and education. He has been a member of the NLA since it's founding, and designed the current pin used by the NLA-Domestic Violence Project. In 2016 he was elected to the NLA-I Board as Independent Member-at-Large.

Mufasa Ali



Hailing from Chicago, Mufasa is a founder of Men of Onyx, a Leather patch club focused on meeting the needs of men of color in the Leather community. He held the Mr. World Leather 2006/2007 title, he is an educator, and recipient of the 2015 Pantheon of Leather Marcus Hernandez Life Achievement Award among other accomplishments.

Butch Prandium



Lizette, aka Butch Prandium, lives in Chicago and co-produces the Women's Night at Touche. She is a "Labia Contributor" for the Illinois Eagle and the Great Lakes Den, covering events and topics for the Chicagoland area and Midwest Region. As a butch woman and woman of color, she values focus on gender identity and race relations within the leather community. ​

Geoff Wingard

Treasurer and Acting Secretary, CIO


Geoff has been a part of the Leather community since his first visit to The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in 1998. He is a former member of the Tarheel Leather Club, an associate member of both the Charlotte Tradesmen and Columbia Leather Order, and served two terms as Sergeant-At-Arms for the Southeast Conference of Clubs. He founded T3WD in Columbia, SC in 1999.

Sir Michael Malcavian



Sir Michael Malcavian started his path in P.E.P. Atlanta over 20 years go. He is an avid volunteer in his local community and at many national events. He presents on lifestyle topics with an emphasis on educating those new to the lifestyle, and on healthy lifestyle relationships.


He is the director of the Carter Johnson Leather Library and Archives - Hampton Roads Annex, an Associate member of the KnightHawks of Virginia, board member for the Leather Pride Cruise, a founder and current President of The Cavaliers Leather and Levi Club.

Dave Hudson - Founder

Dave, along with Tori and Geoff, created the Leather History Preservation Foundation in April of 2016, and served as our first Board Chair. With regret we have to announce that he has stepped down from the Board of Directors to concentrate on his further education and career goals. LHPF is grateful to his insight and wisdom during our first year, and wish him all the best in his life!


Dave started his journey in Leather in 2000. He has been active in producing several events over the years. Dave is an Alumni member of the Charlotte Tradesman, and has held the SE Bootblack 2004, SE Leatherboy 2011 and most recently - American Leatherboy 2014 titles.




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