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Leather History Preservation Foundation was created in April, 2016, as the brainchild of Dave Hudson, Ms. Tori Jones and Geoff Wingard, to have a legal non-profit entity to produce Leather History Conference 2016. They wanted that incorporation to create separation between their personal finances, and those of the event, for transparency and accountability to the attendees.


Over the course of the year, a full board of directors was recruited. The Board felt that our mission should be more inclusive and diverse. After LHC's owner and founder withdrew her support, the Board moved forward with creating our own event - Leather History Preservation Weekend.


For Leather History Preservation Weekends, we have been very deliberate in recruiting more diverse representation for people of color, and transgender individuals, and hope to continue to expand our platform and programming to include other under-represented people as well as those within the larger Leather community.


To preserve the practice and tradition of passing on the collective experiences and wisdom of the Leather community through the sharing of oral histories.


To encourage the education and inclusion of the next generations of Leatherfolk to continue the practice and tradition of this sharing of oral history.


  • Preserve our traditions.
  • Share our experiences.
  • Encourage inclusion.
  • Educate ourselves.
  • Empower one another.
  • Promote acceptance.

To educate and empower those who identify as belonging to the Leather community, those who are new or curious about the Leather community, and to encourage tolerance and acceptance across a broad range of alternative adult lifestyle choices.


Educating and empowering our Leather brothers and sisters, and others across a broad spectrum of adult alternative lifestyle choices, by understanding how our past has shaped our present, and how our present can shape the future.


By presenting an annual conference that will bring experienced Leathermen and Leatherwomen together to share their experiences – their trials, triumphs, and tragedies, their feelings and opinions, to tell their personal stories - with those who are new to or curious about, the Leather lifestyle we have chosen to live, with Leatherfolk and other practitioners of alternative lifestyles that wish to learn more about living a Leather lifestyle.


By recording these oral histories for posterity.


By making items of significant personal historical value, books, photographs, and recordings available for conference participants to experience with all their senses, to make these personal histories more immediate and real.


Leather History Preservation Foundation is proud to be a Non-Profit member of the

Southeast Conference of Clubs!

Leather History Preservation Foundation is proud to support

The BDSM Events Page!




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The Leather History Preservation Foundation is an IRS recognized non-profit corporation,

EIN: 81-2184399. We are registered with the NC Secretary of State, SOSID# 1513067. Our Articles of Incorporation are a matter of public record and can be searched for HERE.

Donations to Leather History Preservation Foundation are NOW tax deductible! Donations to our general fund are appreciated, and applied to our event production costs. Donations specificly for our Scholarship Fund may be made by commenting Scholarships or Scholarship Fund in the donation comments.. LHPF, Inc. has IRS 501(c)3 recognition as a tax exempt public charity under regulation 509(a)(2).

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