DaddiPanther - 2018 Historian

Leather Master, Educator, Activist



DaddiPanther is a masculine identified Queer Leather Master. He has been in the lifestyle since he was 19, 24 years ago. During this time he has been a mentee/protégé to the late Lady Lynnette of VA, a graduate of the Master's program at MTTA (Master Taino's Training Academy 2011), the secretary for MAsT: Wilmington DE, 2011-2012, a full member of the Onyx Pearls Southeast chapter, 2016 and the current interim Sergeant of Arms for the chapter. He also is a founder of the NC/SC POC BDSM Munch that was started in late 2016.


Many people may have known of Lady Lynnette but he is proud to say he called her his friend. She was always available for a chat whenever he needed her although she had a very busy life. He earned his boots from her and he still mourns her death.


MTTA 2011 was a very overwhelming experience for him. It's when he finally called himself a Master! He learned from other Masters, such as the late Master David Cook and many slaves that attended and served that weekend. He learned, for one, that the Leather community is more united than he had ever thought before.


As secretary for MAsT: Wilmington DE, he kept the chapter's notes in every meeting. This taught him how to become a part of and work with a group of lifestylers.


As one of the founders of the NC/SC POC BDSM Munch Group he further helped to build up the local POC BDSM community. He understands the importance of spaces for POCs and how we build up a stronger overall community when we build up the POC community. We meet in Greensboro NC on the 2nd Saturday of the month if any POCs are interested in joining us.


As a member of the Onyx Pearls Southeast he realized the need for separate spaces and the importance of shared spaces in the community. Although the Onyx Pearls SE are only for women of color, we interact with and have raised money for all people in the community.






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