Current Financial Reports

Current Financial Reports

Because Leather History Preservation Foundation is a non-profit, our financial reports are a matter of public record.  Our fiscal year ends November 30th, and our bylaws require those financial reports to be available within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year.

Our accountant is busy working on all the things that the IRS and generally accepted accounting practices require, and we'll have those fancy reports available once they are done.  In the meantime, we are pleased to release the first Statement of Activities report, in a simple format that those of us who just manage to balance our checkbooks can follow.

IRS Determination Letter

(.jpg file)

Statement of Activities

Fiscal Year 2019 (PDF file)

Statement of Functional Expenses

Coming Soon!

Statement of Financial Position

Coming Soon!

Statement of Cash Flows

Coming Soon!

IRS Form 990 Filing

IRS Search Page for LHPF

This page includes drop downs for our Form 990-N filings.

For reasons I have not been able to determine, the IRS search page may not display our EIN or the Foundation name at the top of the page.  The name is reported in the
Other Names tab, and the EIN is included in the Form 990-N filings.  The Determination Letter is in .tif format instead of a .pdf, or more common photo formats like a .png or .jpg.

Notes to Financial Statements

Coming Soon!