Our Board


The LHPF Board of Directors has worked hard to represent the diversity of the Leather community.  Board members hail from across the US, with current board members from Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts  and North & South Carolina.  They represent people of multiple ethnicities, gender identifications, sexual orientations and Leather lifestyle roles.

Sir David Labriola

Board Chair

Sir David is a Leatherman of the Old Guard tradition.  Winner of the 2000 Pennsylvania Mr. Drummer and the 2000 Mid Atlantic Drummer contests, and he is a founding member of The Guardsman. Sir David has been an educator and judge for many events across the US, and has had the privilege and honor of being the head Judge at SELF.

Ms Tori Jones - Co-Founder

Executive Director

Tori has been a presenter and advocate for several years.  She is a past president and treasurer of Tarheel Leather Club, and has been a Den Momma and a judge for several contests.

Ms Tori served as Southeast Bootblack 2016, and was the Ms. SECC Leather 2019-2020 titleholder.

Baroness DSilver


Baroness DSilver has been living in the lifestyle since 1992.  She is a 24/7 lifestyle Dominant, and is a founder of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of Onyx Pearls and the 757 Spectrum POC munch.  She has a variety of classes she can teach, and has been involved with several events over the years.

Master Talos


Master Talos has spent many years in the lifestyle and thrives on continual learning. He enjoys leading lectures and discussions and sharing the knowledge he has.

Master Talos is an alumni of Master Taíno's MTTA, and has been a part of many MAsT chapters over the years. He is currently Co-Director of MAsT Kissimmee and Co-Founder of the Orlando Leather & Kink Social, and is an associate member of ONYX Deep South.

He considers his Family to be guardians of our Leather values and lifestyle, and is the Founder of the House of Talos, focused on promoting and making education available. Recently he was elected to serve as a Board Member of Leather History Preservation Foundation.

Relly Prospec


Relly has been in the Leather lifestyle for almost 15 years. In that time he has served as President of the Tarheel Leather Club, Co-Producer of the Leather History Conference 2015, Regional Representative for Masters And slaves Together - South East (MAsT), and he held the title of Mr. North Carolina Leather 2019 - 2023 (COVID).

Relly wholeheartedly subscribes to the core values and beliefs laid out in the Foundation's mission statement. He feels the commitment to safeguarding the practice and tradition of passing on the collective experiences and wisdom of the Leather community through oral histories is both commendable and vital, for our shared cultural heritage as well as our survival.

Lady Jennifer

Secretary of the Board

Lady Jennifer, a lesbian trans woman, has served as a Founder, moderator, Board Member or co-host for education and support groups across the Southeast like SC-LOCK; KEY;  Coffee & Espresso Programs;  Carolina Leadership Network; STARS; RODS; Southwest Virginia Association; Magnolia Hall; and Pathfinders.

She has been a presenter for Leather Leadership Conference (2016-2018), and Leather History Preservation Weekend 2018 before being elected to  the LHPF Board in 2019.


Lady Jennifer has a passion for helping those who are new, unsure, and minorities find their place of belonging along their individual journeys.

Geoff Wingard - Co-Founder

Treasurer and Webmaster

Geoff has been a part of the Leather community since his first visit to The Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in 1998.  He is a former member of the Tarheel Leather Club, an associate member of both the Charlotte Tradesmen and Columbia Leather Order, and served two terms as Sergeant-At-Arms for the Southeast Conference of Clubs. 

He founded T3WD (This Thing That We Do), an alternative lifestyle group focused on BDSM, kink and Leather education, in Columbia, SC in 1999.

boy Kelly


Kelly is a veteran of some 35 years in the BDSM lifestyle, he is proud to be a new board member. After years of experience with LLC here in Atlanta, he has moved his efforts to LHPF.

boy Kelly is past president of Knight Angels leather club, past co-owner/publisher of Dungeon Digest magazine and excels at being an erotic bootblack. After 37 years as a high end Interior Designer in the SE region, he is now training to become a substance abuse counselor at a prominent treatment facilty in Atlanta.

he is owned by and married to Master Chris. They live locally near Lilburn and are enjoying their new Dungeon in their home. his Dom, Sir Alan X, enjoys keeping him obedient.

boy Dave - Co-Founder

Dave, along with Tori and Geoff, created the Leather History Preservation Foundation in April of 2016, and served as our first Board Chair.  Dave stepped down from the Board of Directors to concentrate on his further education and career goals for a couple of years.  LHPF was delighted to have his insight and wisdom return to the Board after he completed his degree program.  He has stepped down from the board once again, to more directly support the hands on production of Leather History Preservation Weekend.

Dave started his journey in Leather in 2000.  He has been active in producing several events over the years.  Dave is an Alumni member of the Charlotte Tradesman, and has held the SE Bootblack 2004, SE Leatherboy 2011 and most recently - American Leatherboy 2014 titles.