LHPF Scholarships

Leather History Preservation Foundation Scholarships

The Leather History Preservation Foundation devotes some of it's fundraising efforts to generating scholarships for attending the weekend event we produce.  We also receive donations of registration packages from extremely generous individuals. 

For our last event, LHPW 2022 we were able to award several scholarships! 

The first scholarship is intended to encourage someone who is new to Leather to step into the history and traditions of our lifestyle. It is presented as an opportunity to learn and grow as a Leatherman or Leatherwoman.  Age is not a factor, but time and experience in the scene are. These "New to Leather" scholarships are awarded to people with less than two years of real time experience.

The second scholarship type is intended for individuals who would like to attend the event, but are experiencing financial hardship of some kind.  We've all been there - sudden loss of a job, unexpected illness or injury, a spouse or partner leaving the relationship, children returning to the roost... Life happens and we understand that, and want to help by providing scholarships based on true financial need.

We now have a third scholarship category, created by Sir David Labriola, specifically for Bootblacks!  These bootblack scholarship applications will be evaluated by Sir David who will look at both financial need and merit. 

Unfortunately our financial resources are limited.  These scholarships only cover the full three day weekend package, which includes an event pin, the Saturday dinner and keynote presentation.  They do not cover additional food costs, transportation costs, or the expense of a hotel room (we encourage room shares to reduce costs, however we will not vet potential roommates!).  In the future, we hope to be able to provide scholarships or grants that will be able to include hotel and food costs.

New to Leather Scholarship

Financial Hardship Scholarship

Sir David Labriola Bootblack Scholarship

Applications for LHPW 2023 are now open!

Scholarship applications will open until October 1st, 2023.

We should be able to award at least 2 scholarships in each category for 2023, but keep in mind that funds are limited.  The sooner you apply, the better.  Download and complete the proper form, and save as a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat or MS Word should work) or print as a hard copy.  You may then email the application to exec.director@lhpfoundation.org or submit via postal mail to:

Attn: LHPF Scholarships

216 Oak Grove Drive

Hampton, GA  30228

IF additional donations to the scholarship fund allows us to provide additional scholarships, we may open a second round of applications.  Watch for updates!



If you can't donate an entire scholarship, but you would like to contribute to our Scholarship fund, please scroll down the bottom of the page and click the DONATE button.  Your generousity makes good things happen!