Jack Handcock

Jack Handcock - 2023 Historian

Education Coordinator – Southeast Black and Blue,

Coordinator – Atlanta’s Men in Rope, Educator


Jack is a sadistic S.O.B. who enjoys many flavors of BDSM play including electro, impact, and CBT. Jack’s passion within the lifestyle is Rope Bondage. He has been handling rope since he was a child and because of this rope can be seen as an extension of him. Jack calls the Atlanta Eagle his home bar and when he is there or at another bar or lifestyle event, he is known to always have his rope with him to do some form of demo at a moment’s notice.

Jack is the coordinator for Atlanta’s Men in Rope (est. 2015). AMiR’s (ah – me – er’s) focus is on introductory and intermediate rope skills with male identified bodies participating as rope models being tied by those who want to tie men. Outside of AMiR, Jack’s teachings focus on tying bodies not tying genders. Jack has been teaching, volunteering, and event planning since he was a Boy Scout as a kid. This continued through college and is ongoing in the Kink Community.

He has volunteered with Circle K International, Architecture for Humanity, Dragon Con Costuming track, and presented at many Kink events. In the Spring of 2023, Jack started Getting Knotting, a quarterly rope practice presented at the Atlanta Eagle. Getting Knotting is co-hosted by Atlanta’s Men in Rope, Rope Bite Atlanta, Atlanta Hitchin’ Bitches, and ALP-SEBB. In the fall of 2023, joined the Southeast Black and Blue team as Education Coordinator where he helps organize demos and educational programming at events like Atlanta Leather Pride, SEBB weekend, and Dominion.