Master Varii

Master Varii - 2023 Historian

Southeast Master 2022-23, Indigenous Leatherwoman, Steward, Leader


Master Varii is an Indigenous covered Leather Woman, the 2022 and 2023 Southeast Master, and head of House of Valor.  She is a healthcare professional, a speaker, and a community leader who regularly teaches for MAsT groups, at dungeons, and at regional and national events. She has worn, and continues to wear, many hats. She has served on numerous boards over the years and is currently the Vice-Chair of the Leather Family Foundation. She has the pleasure and privilege of being a mentor to some amazing people who make her very proud; and she and her slave are honored and humbled to be the stewards and curators of the Leather Quilt. Protecting and preserving this piece of our Leather Legacy is a passion and a labor of love.  


On a personal level, Master Varii has been “kinky” all her life and is quick to tell you this isn’t something she does, it is the fabric of who she is.  At the age of 25 she discovered she was not alone, that there was an entire community of people who shared similar interests and philosophies. She has been fortunate to have been embraced by some incredible individuals who served as mentors and role models at different stages of her journey, each in their own way challenging her to grow, and accept all of who she is! She has lived an M/s, 24/7 authority transfer dynamic with her husband for over 36 years and became poly in 2014 when she also collared slave neill. Though she enjoys many different forms of play, what touches her heart and feeds her soul, is and always has been, the trust and intimacy of deep, deliberate submission, and a hunger to travel as far down this rabbit hole as it is possible to go.