Petal - 2023 Historian

Leatherwoman, Educator


Petal is from Florida, where as a young teenager, she became involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism and Florida Pagan Gathering.  These groups helped her discover that she was a sadomasochist, polyamorous, and that women turned her on far more than men.

Petal joined the Army in 1985, and she met her partner Marty in 1986.  Together they have been growing, learning new things and enjoying life.

While stationed in Germany she joined Roissy, a kinky online chat group based in the states that also met in person for parties and education. It was through this group that Petal discovered the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel and was introduced to Leather in 1996. The Sanctuary became home, a place where she could be her weird little self.

Through the years she became involved with the area groups T3WD, LOCK, CAPEX and AIRS. Hosting demo's and parties in her home aka the Outback, always trying to learn something new and provide a safe place for others to learn and grow.  Petal feels blessed with having two leather families.  She is honored to be a part of the Kindred and still grieves the loss of those who left too soon.  And Petal is proud to be a part of Sakura House.