Daddy Bill Goad

Bill Goad - 2022 Historian

Leatherman, Daddy


Bill began his journey through the BDSM/Leather world as a boy in 1990, the date marked by his attendance of, as it was known then, the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Drummer Contest. 

His eyes were opened to the wonder and excitement of this world, and he became an associate member of Levi/Leather Brigade in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1991.  He moved to Dallas, Texas in 1992, where he continued to explore the BDSM world with members of Dallas MC, The Leather Knights, and The Firedancers, and worked for some time as a tailor at Shades of Gray.  Returning to South Carolina in 1997, he affiliated himself with The Trident Knights of Charleston and, in spite of a several-year hiatus from the club, still wears its colors today.

Upon relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 2017, he recognized a change in his identity, realizing he was no longer a boy, and decided to become the Daddy he never found.  He requested and was granted mentorship by Sir John of NLA, International, and has taken a little boy, mark, for his own.