2022 Keynote

Leather History Preservation Weekend 2022

Keynote Historian

LadyD Harrison


Greetings.  Many of you know me but for those of you who do not; my name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I am better known as Lady D.  I am a Lifestyle Domme and the owner of D&S Lifestyles Inc.  I am a minister, a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Practitioner.  I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. In all of these capacities; I counsel and help those in complimentary lifestyles acknowledge their divine nature and accept who they truly are.  

I was the leader of P.E.P Atlanta (People Exchanging Power), a pansexual support and social organization that hosted weekly discussions and demonstrations and a safe play space to help educate those interested in power play relationships.  I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color) an inclusionary group created to Enlighten, Empower and dispel myths and misconceptions concerning BDSM and People of Color.  I founded OPSE (Onyx Pearls Southeast) and  also helped to relaunch OPSE in 2015.  Onyx Pearls Southeast is the sister organization to the Southeast Men of Onyx and many Onyx Pearls chapters have been birthed.  I was Ms.(SCSL) Southern Coastal States Leather from 2000 to 2012.  I have also presented many classes, emceed and judged many contests and given keynote and endnote speeches.

My vision has evolved since I first entered this Leather lifestyle journey over 30 years ago. In the beginning my dream was to create an atmosphere of education and comfort regardless of gender or sexuality.  P.E.P. began as a heterosexual group with little to no tolerance and through the years it evolved to include all and developed a community consciousness.  P.E.P was always about sharing my home to create a family atmosphere, mingle, learn and enjoy one another.  My path now is to continue to educate and enlighten and to help bring healing to those doing detrimental and destructive things in our community and the world at large.  I want to help them heal and achieve dignity, acceptance and live up to their full potential.  I am now free to educate, share my knowledge and mentor those who have a sincere hunger and thirst for this lifestyle.  I can also perform ministerial duties such as counseling, weddings, baptisms and commitment ceremonies. 

My personal pledge is to help make this community better and stronger and to continue Jill Carter’s philosophy of “Each One, Teach One”.  I will continue to serve in whatever capacity that I am needed.  If you would like me to teach, judge a contest, be a guest speaker, etc. please reach out. Please remember to give your money, your time and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you.  I am eternally grateful to those that have helped me in my journey and now I just want to have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’.    


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