LHC 2016

Our First Event

Leather History Conference 2016

Leather History Conference was the dream of Gypsie Wind-Feather Ferris, who founded and produced the first LHC in 2011.  She was the producer and creative force driving LHC through it's first 5 years.  Because of changes in her family and life situations, she had to step down from producing this important event, and the Leather History Preservation Foundation was created to provide a legal, non-profit organization, to continue the mission and vision of preserving and sharing our Leather History.  LHC 2016 was the first event produced by LHPF.  It will not be our last.

The first LHC was held in Wilmington, NC in 2011.  It moved to Greensboro 2012, Winston-Salem in 2013, High Point in 2014, and back to Winston-Salem in 2015.  The Foundation was pleased to announce that Leather History Conference 2016 would be able to return to High Point, NC.

LHC was always a labor of love, operating on a shoestring budget.  Funding was always an issue, with the first 3 conferences losing money.  In 2014 LHC was in the black for the first time, and 2015's LHC had some start up money for the 2016 conference.

LHC Awards and Recognition

Leather History Conference was recognized with the Pantheon of Leather Small Event of the Year Award for 2012 .


Leather History Conference brought in a wide range of Leathermen and Leatherwomen to share their stories, and the stories of those who have gone before us.  LHPF intends to continue that tradition.

Past storytellers include:

Caro, Lady D Harrison, Nancy Ava Miller, Master Taino, Sir Hooker, Viola Johnson, Insatiable Amazon, Ian Coleman, slave sherry, Master Alex Keppler, Jo Arnone, Master Tallen, Wayne Brawner, Paula Smith, Dick Grey,  Phantom Blue, Mama Sandy Reinhardt, Thay Z, Bill Costomiris, Daddy Chris Zimmerman Law, Master Dama & slave into, Judy Tallwing McCarthy, Sir Wayne Turpin, and so many more.

There are so many stories to tell, we'll do our best to bring them to you.