Tidbit - 2018 Historian

Southeast Leatherfest Bootblack 2018, NC Bootblack 2012


Tidbit began exploring the lifestyle in 1997. He started out as a kinkster and play slut, but has since found his home in Leather, with a firm respect for the morals, ethics, and  integrity, and camaraderie that this path has brought to his life.

Formerly active in Gnosis and a former board member of TALON, tidbit pledged the

Tarheel Leather Club in 2011. He has previously held the offices of President and Vice-President, and Scribe, and currently serves the club as the Road Captain and an in-house bootblack. He is also active in MAsT Winston-Salem, a leader of the Twin City Kinksters, and Regional Representative for the Southeast region of MAsT-International.

Tidbit was also honored to serve the state as the 2012 NC Bootblack, and is having a blast currently as the Southeast Bootblack 2018. While constantly on the prowl for more to learn, he also strives to make himself available to teach anyone that's wanting to learn.

Tidbit has taught classes on cigars, cigar service, urethral sounding, and both the technical and erotic aspects of bootblacking. He is proudly owned by Mr. Wolf for the last 15 years, and together they reside in Winston-Salem, NC with their 8 adorable fur kids.