LHPW 2018

The Second Leather History Preservation Weekend

The second Leather History Preservation Weekend was held November 2nd - 4th, 2018, at the Red Lion Hotel High Point. Same building, different branding.  Through some twist of fate, ALL of our historians for 2018 were unique individuals, representing the diversity and intersectionality of women in the Leather community. Whether they were cis gender, transgender, AFAB, non-binary, genderqueer, we gave them a space and a voice.  We were delighted to have tomo, International slave 2016, as our keynote historian.  We were honored to have all of our historians come to share their journeys with us - Ms Rhonda (tomo's owner and International Master 2016), Jennifer (Nightshade77), Daddi Panther, Jennifer Deese, Izzy Jaecks, and tidbit.

Ms Rhonda
Jennifer (Nightshade77)
Daddi Panther
Jennifer Deese
Izzy Jaecks

LHPW 2018 grew in attendance over our 2017 event, and that was a good thing!  But the larger attendance did not interfere with the intimate atmosphere of the event.   The is allowed everyone to spend time with our speakers and one another, to really connect and relate on a personal level.   We had cocktails, cigar socials, and play spaces for those with a more sadistic or masochistic bent to enjoy as well.

We are incredibly grateful to our 2018 SPONSORS and Advertisers

LHPW would not happen without their generous support!

Sakura House & Leather Family
The Woodshed Orlando - PLATINUM SPONSOR
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SELF Title Family In The House!

1st Row, l to r: quazi - SELF boy 2018, tidbit - SELF BB2018, Andy - SELF boy 2012 & SE BB 2008

2nd Row: slave sheri & Master Blue - SE Master/slave 2018, Jennifer Deese Ms SELF 2015, slave_ravyn & Master IceDog - SE Master/slave 2017,  boy Dave - SE Leatherboy 2004 & SELF BB 2011, MsTori - SE BB 2016

So we got this little award...

The Pantheon of Leather

Small Event of the Year - 2018

The Leather Quilt Returned!


The venue and staff were welcoming as we returned to the same building for the second Leather History Preservation Weekend.  From the General Manager, right on down to housekeeping, they worked with us to bring you a great event in a great facility.  We had all the space we needed for cocktails, vending, socializing and playing. And the dinner Saturday was thoughtfully done and hot.  They did such a great job in 2017, and they were happy to have us, even with the corporated brand having changed, and we were delighted to return for 2018!

The Leather History Preservation Weekend Crew

Leather History Preservation Weekend could not happen without a lot of on site work!  From load-in and setup starting on Thursday evening, to load-out on Sunday afternoon, we need many hands to get things done.  Event security, dungeon crew, history session monitors, hospitality helpers and more! Everyone chips in to make this event happen.  The Board might do the pre-event planning and logistics, but without our dedicated on site staff and crew, LHPW just would not happen at all. 

The Board salutes them and sends out a huge