boy dana

boy dana - 2019 Historian

Georgia Leatherboy 2000, Educator, slave


A native of Columbia, South Carolina, boy dana now resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his Owner, Mademoiselle Ceci. he’s a charter member of The 7 Guardsmen, BLUF member #2973, alumni member of Onyx SE, associate member of HOTFF of Toronto and honorary member of the Panthers LLC of Atlanta.

boy dana, also known as Mama’s Quiet boy & Mama’s Boot Whore, began his kinky journey at the age of 19. Since then, he’s had the honor to participate on many BDSM education panels to promote sexual and gender diversity, demo bottom for the best in the world and served as Georgia Leatherboy 2000. he’s not afraid of hard work and enjoys helping out whenever he can.

The boy is into many things, but his LOVES are cigars, boots, yoga and pain. OINK!

In Leather,