LHPW 2017

The Inaugural Leather History Preservation Weekend

The very first Leather History Preservation Weekend was held October 20th - 22nd, 2017, at the Radisson Hotel High Point. We were honored to have Lady Catherine Gross as our keynote historian and a wonderful group of people who came to share their journeys with us - Angel Propps, Sir Jah, JP Garner III, Mistress Cyan, OB Hamm, and Sir Tom Matt.

Lady Catherine
Angel Propps
Sir Jah
JP Garner III
Mistress Cyan
OB Hamm
Sir Tom Matt

The intimate atmosphere of the event allowed our attendees and crew to spend time with our speakers, to really connect with them and relate with them on a personal level.  It was an opportunity that does not present itself at crowded events with dozens of classes, and hustle and bustle everywhere.  We had a dance party hosted by Baroness DSilver on Friday night and play spaces for those with a more sadistic or masochistic bent to enjoy as well.

We had several vendors for many appetites and desires. 

And without our many advertisers and sponsors, we would have been short of critical equipment, space and funds.

LeatherWerks - Registration Sponsor
Sister Mari Avon Trapp - Safer Sex Sponsor
Cavaliers Leather & Levi Club
Morning Coffee & Stuff
Dungeon Equipment
Dungeon & Sound, Hospitality Suite
Hampton Roads Bootblacks
Old Dominion girls of Leather
Sir Tom Matt - Video Equipment & Scholarship Sponsor
Morning Coffee & Stuff
Sir David Labriola - BootBlack Scholarships
Carter/Johnson Leather Library - Hampton Roads Annex

Our very first event pin!

Mama's Family In The House!

l to r: Mama's Life Coach, Mama's Graceful Princess, Mama's Nadia the Grand Pig, Mama's 4 Ever in Service boy, Mama's Spiritual One, Mama's Hot Cruisin' Daddy, Mama's Evil One, Mama's Diva Of Domination, Mama's Size Queen, Mama's Mr. Leatherwoman, Mama's Leather Mama, Mama's Leather Cadillac , Mama's CT Bear, Mama's Lady D

Leather History Preservation Foundation Board Members Attending

l to r: Baroness DSilver, DADDYBear, Sir David Labriola, Geoff Wingard, Ms. Tori, Sir Michael Malchavian. 

Bodies unable to attend but with us in spirit: Mufasa Ali and Butch Prandium


Hotel, High Point!

The venue and staff were welcoming as we kicked off our first Leather History Preservation Weekend.  From the General Manager, right on down to housekeeping, we worked together to bring you a great event in a great facility.  We had all the space we needed for cocktails, vending, dancing and playing. And the dinner Saturday was thoughtfully done and hot.  They were happy to have us, and we are pleased to be returning for 2018!

The Leather History Preservation Weekend Crew

Leather History Preservation Weekend could not happen without a lot of on site work!  From load-in and setup starting on Thursday evening, to load-out on Sunday afternoon, we need many hands to get things done.  Event security, dungeon crew, history session monitors, hospitality helpers and more! Everyone chips in to make this event happen.  The Board might do the pre-event planning and logistics, but without our dedicated on site staff and crew, LHPW just would not happen at all. 

The Board salutes them and sends out a huge