Mistress Cyan

Mistress Cyan - 2017 Historian

Pantheon of Leather 2009 Woman of the Year


Mistress Cyan was introduced to The Lifestyle in 1989, and has since become a well-respected leader in the Los Angeles BDSM and Leather communities.  Her dedication to the community, and  her skills with her floggers and singletail are well known. 

Mistress Cyan is always looking to "give back" to the community that she loves in any way she can, and she is especially active in charity work.  Mistress Cyan has held her Annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Slave Auctions for nineteen years.  In 2005, she raised more than $5000 in food & supplies for the needy and more than $1700 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In 2006, more than 32,000 people were fed as a result of her efforts, in 2007, as part of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition's Fundraising Committee, she helped wipe out a debt of more than $14,000 and put the coalition in the black.  Mistress Cyan proudly continues that tradition of fundraising to this day.

Mistress Cyan is the Founder/Organizer, and Executive Producer, of DomCon LA and DomCon New Orleans. DomCon LA is in it's thirteenth year, and after 12 years in Atlanta, DomCon New Orleans is celebrating it's second event in it's new home.  DomCon is the world's premier Professional and Lifestyle Domination convention, drawing attendees from around the world.  She is also the Owner/Operator of Sanctuary Studios LAX, the largest dungeon in Los Angeles with a staff of more than 40 BDSM professionals.

She has presented classes at major events all over North America like International Ms. Leather, Sin In The City, Leather Leadership Conference, Behind Closed Doors, Central Canada Leather Pride, and Great Lakes Leather Alliance, and classes for smaller, local events and groups.  Mistress Cyan has been a judge for many contests, including International Person of Leather, Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather, Central Canada Olympus Leather, Palm Springs Leather, the International Bondge Awards, and Mr. Los Angeles Leather.

Mistress Cyan has been featured as a speaker, panelist and educator at several colleges and universities including: Stanford University, Occidental College, California State Univesity - Long Beach, UCLA, and California State University - Northridge.

She has served as President of the two largest FemDom groups in Los Angeles, has been Secretary of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, served on the LA board for LLC 2011, and been the Sponsorship and Vendor Committee Chair for the LA Pride/Erotic City Planning Team since 2006.

Mistress Cyan has been honored by being nominated for, and presented with, numerous awards over the years, including (but not limited to):  2006 & 2009 Southland Honors Fundraiser of the Year, 2006 Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Woman of the Year, 2007 CSW LA Pride Connie Norman Award, 2007 Southland Honors Mentor of the Year, 2008 Central Canada Pride International Leather Award, 2009 Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year, 2011 TSR Network People's Choice - Lifetime Achievement Award, 2014 BOLD 2014 Community Service Award, 2015 Ottawa Leatherfest International Icon Award, and 2017 Los Angeles Leather Coalition Woman of the Year Award.

"I LOVE what I do, and I NEVER dread going to 'work', because My work is My dream. What more could I ask for than to live every minute of My life doing what I like?"